Keeping Dogs Safe Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time for celebration and a time when families like to get together. Many people include their pets in the activities. The holidays can be a stressful time for a dog. There is a lot going on and a number of strange people showing up in their home. There are new scents and decorations. There are some tips to have a stress free holiday for the pets and help the dog adjust to the holiday season.

Visiting Children

When children come to visit for the holidays they bring a lot of energy with them. If a dog is not used to children they can get nervous and worried. Children should be supervised by the dog. They should not be left alone with the dog at anytime. The parent should talk to the child before the visit and teach them how to be nice to the do and how to gently pet it. A child should not be allowed to feed the dog. Since the child is small the dog may see the child as someone that is equal to them and take advantage of this situation.

Create a Safe Place

A dog needs to have their own space where they can feel both secure and calm. If the dog does not have their own area than the owner should create one for the dog. A crate will work well or even a pillow in a corner someone. Guests should be told to keep away from the dog. A dog should not be allowed in the kitchen when guests are over. This room is accident prone and this will keep a dog from begging for food.

Get Some Exercise

To keep the dog from jumping on people the dog should be given plenty of exercise before the guests arrives. The owner should take the pet on a walk and keep them active for at least a half hour. When the guests do arrive the dog should be more relaxed and may even want to go and take a nap. When people do arrive a person should put their dog on a leash at first. This will help them adjust to the guests and allow the owner to have more control over them until they get used to the new people.

Tree Safety

If a person has a Christmas tree in their home it can be tempting to the dog. While a person can still decorate their tree they should avoid using tinsel, garland, and popcorn stands. These are things that the dog will find very appealing to go after and they can cause harm if they are ingested. All of the trees should be anchored to the wall. This way if the dog does explore the tree they will not know it over and possibly get harmed. If the dog will not leave the tree alone a pen can be put up around the tree so the dog will not be able to get close to it.


Presents are also appealing to the dog. Try to avoid ribbons and string on the presents to avoid a possible choking situation for the dog. Instead of leaving the presents under the tree put them up a little higher such as on a table where they are not easy to reach. Be sure to throw all wrapping paper out right away once the presents are opened. This will help reduce the chance of the dog getting into it.

Electrical Cords

Electrical cords can be a safety hazard for dogs. If they chew them this can be a real problem. Be sure that all cords that are used are secure. This way the dog will not be able to get to them. Also try running the cord through a piece of PVC so the do is not able to chew on the cords at times that the owner is not able to supervise them.

Scented Candles

Candles are popular around the holidays and their scents can make a room smell nice. Scent candles can be tempting for dogs especially the ones that smell like food. If candles are going to be used be sure to put them on shelves high above the reach of the dog. Never light a candle and leave the room. This can be a fire hazard if it gets knocked over.

Clean Up Immediately

When people come to visit they may set their plate or their drink down for a moment. While this may seem harmless it can be a real danger to the dog. Keep an eye on all plates and rinks that are placed down and throw all trash out right away. It may be wise to keep the dog in another room when people are eating just to make sure there is not trouble or the dog accidentally eats something they should not.

These are just some tips that a person can use to keep their dog safe over the holiday season. Holidays are a special time for many people and should be a joyous occasion. These tips can help make sure everyone including the pets will have a great holiday.