Dog Movies to Indulge in This Summer

So I know I am an odd bird and I don’t really enjoy summer all that much. I don’t like the heat and usual activities like hiking and swimming make me cringe. So what do I do all summer? Well, if it doesn’t involve animals, not much! ūüôā I like to stay indoors in the A/C and relax.

One of my favorite past times is movies! There are so many great dog movies that I force my dog into enjoying with me (just kidding…I don’t force her to do anything). I thought I would compile a list for you guys just in case you feel like a lazy day indoors with some good ol’ fashion binge watching!


Animated Dog Movies

Nothing screams a good day in for junk food and classic movies like an old cartoon. Disney classics are still my favorites and my go-to for binge watching. Snuggle your pup close and indulge in these sweet movies that will make you reminisce about days gone by.

  • All Dogs Go To Heaven— A dog whose life suddenly ends is found using a magical watch to return back to earth from Heaven. Once there, his mission of revenge on the person that killed him turns to a rescue when his heart is captured by a little orphan girl
  • 101 Dalmatians— No, you’re not seeing spots…okay, maybe you are. This Disney classic features a large family of Dalmatian puppies that are kidnapped by a spot-obsessed villain after she is told she cannot have them. Will they be rescued in time before her evil plot is complete??
  • Lady and the Tramp¬†— Time to visit the “wrong side of the tracks” when a lovely Cocker Spaniel named Lady is wooed by a stray dog named Tramp.
  • Balto¬†— Based on a true story, Balto is the epic dog that helped save the children of Nome when the diphtheria epidemic struck in 1925 by racing across Alaska on a sled team when no one else could reach them.
  • Oliver and Company¬†— There’s a cute kitty lost in the city! Will Oliver the tabby kitten choose a life in a home with the little girl that loves him or an adventurous life on the street with the gang of strays that helped save him from danger?
  • Bolt¬†— Bolt the Super Dog¬†believes that his job as an actor is really his life; so when he is accidentally shipped from New York to California, it is up to his brave hamster friend and feline prisoner to teach him the real in’s and out’s of canine life. Can they help him find his owner? Or more importantly, can they teach him how to be a dog?
  • Secret Life of Pets¬†— What do pets do all day? More importantly…what do they do all day when a new dog¬†comes into the picture and turns their world upside down?¬†Perhaps humans aren’t all they’re cracked up to be…

Sad Dog Movies

I’m not particularly sappy but sometimes you just have to give into a good cry. While a sad dog movie may not seem like the most enjoyable thing to do, I find that the way these dogs are portrayed really shows their true character. Their loving, genuine nature is unbeatable!

  • Turner and Hooch — A by-the-book police officer inherits a large, slobbery goof of a dog that not only causes chaos and destruction, but actually may be able to help him solve a big case.
  • Where the Red Fern Grows¬†— There’s nothing a boy wants more than his own set of dogs. After saving every penny, a young boy’s dream finally comes true: his own pair of hunting dogs.
  • Old Yeller¬†— A stray dog comes crashing into a farming family’s life while their father is away on a cattle drive. After a failed attempt at getting rid of the dog, he slowly melts his way into their hearts, proving to be the best doggone dog in the west.
  • Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale¬†— A man’s best friend; Hachiko is the heart wrenching tale of the most loyal dog that ever was. Rescued off of a train, Hachiko becomes the faithful companion of a professor in Japan. Every day he greeted his owner at the train station; even nine years after his owner passed away. Grab your tissues; this true story will make you sob!
  • Red Dog — Another true story, Red Dog is an Australian tale reminiscent of a faithful dog who was sort of the mascot around a mining camp.¬†Red Dog’s owner was the camp’s bus driver, and after being killed in a terrible accident, Red Dog goes missing in search of his master, not understanding what happened. After some time, he returns, finally deciding to pass away near his owner’s grave. The movie is told in retrospect with humorous and tear-jerking parts.
  • Marley and Me — After deciding to adopt a puppy, a family possibly gets more than they bargain for. The puppy named Marley gets into every bit of mischief he can find, but somehow teaches his family how to enjoy life along the way.

Adventure Dog Movies

These are my dog’s favorite! She loves watching sled dog movies and so do I. Before trekking the hills on your next summer adventure, get inspired by these adventurous canines and take off on a new adventure.

  • Eight Below¬†— When an unexpected winter storm rages up in the Arctic circle, scientists Jerry and Cooper must leave their beloved sled dog team behind. Even after a year, they don’t give up in going back to search for the dogs.
  • Homeward Bound¬†— Very closely linked,¬†The Incredible Journey is actually the original version of¬†Homeward Bound. In this story, three house pets are left at a friend’s property when their owners leave on a vacation. Due to a mix up, the step-in caretaker believes the animals are else where and doesn’t realize that actually, the animals have started an adventure on their own. No matter the distance, they are going home!
  • The Incredible Journey¬†—¬†See Homeward Bound
  • Max¬†— When a US Marine is killed in Afghanistan, his military dog is given to his family to take care of. Both dog and brother of the fallen Marine are angry and sad, not realizing they actually need each other. Can they learn to understand each other and form a closer bond?
  • The Call of the Wild¬†— Based on the classic novel by Jack London, travel back in time to the Alaskan Gold Rush. Jack is a young man hoping to strike it rich on his father’s claim and along the way, rescues Buck, a severely abused sled dog. Together, they learn to conquer the Alaskan wilderness and where to find the gold.
  • Iron Will¬†— After his father’s death, ¬†Will Stoneman and his mother are struggling to keep their farm. Will decides to enter a grueling sled dog race for the prize of $10, 000. Can he survive against the brutal weather and the even more challenging fellow competitors?
  • Shiloh¬†— Young Marty is followed home by a sweet beagle puppy and wants to keep him. Even after naming the dog Shiloh, his father refuses to let him keep the pup. The dog’s owner is abusive and it’s not long until he returns back to Marty. Marty keeps him hidden until the dog is badly injured in an attack by another dog. The young boy¬†strives for a way to gain ownership of Shiloh, no matter the cost.

Scary Dog Movies

I can’t say that I’m particularly interested in watching movies about demonic dogs, but if that’s your thing…here ya go!

  • Cujo¬†— After being attacked and bitten by a bat, a sweet St Bernard turns rabid and morphs into a killer canine.
  • The Breed¬†— A vacation on a getaway island turns deadly when a family is hunted and attacked by ravenous dogs. A search mission soon discovers a facility where dogs are being bred to kill humans.
  • Man’s Best Friend¬†— A discovery of a facility where animals are subject to cruel experiments leads to reporter Lori Tanner ending up with a dog from there. Thinking he is sweet and docile gets her into trouble when it is soon apparent the dog is actually a killer.
  • The Pack¬†— A farmer and his family have to fight for their lives when a pack of killer dogs invades their home.

Dog Documentaries

Who doesn’t love learning something new about their fellow canine companion? I have to say that sometimes I really just like to watch documentaries. Some of these I have personally watched and I actually learned a lot! They will open your eyes to new things that you may not have even considered about the world of dogs as you know it.

  • Dogs Decoded¬†— Discover what makes the bond between humans and dogs so special
  • Pet Fooled¬†— Have you ever given much thought into what you are feeding your best friend? You will after watching this documentary that exposes the cruel commercialism behind the biggest dog food companies.
  • And Man Created Dog¬†— Travel through the eons of time from wolf to domesticated dog. Find out how humans were able to tame the wild wolf that now encroaches on our sofas.
  • Dogs and Their Secret Lives¬†— What does your dog do while you’re away? How do you keep them comfortable? This documentary gives a closer look at dogs in the UK that suffer from separation anxiety and how their owners begin to heal it.
  • Always Faithful¬†— This documentary follows five US Marines with their working dogs from the beginning of boot camp until their dangerous missions overseas.

There you have it! A great collection of films to watch on these dog days of summer. Let me know which ones you have seen or any that I may have left out!