Most Dog Friendly Countries in the World

Traveling with dogs can be exciting, however sometimes a big move can be in the picture and you may need to know where the best countries are that are Fido-friendly. Some of them may surprise you!


This country is a little-dog paradise! Due to the crowded cities and large populations, toy breeds thrive in the Japanese cities. Many families have started getting dogs instead of having children. Japan is an extremely career-driven country and little dogs are the perfect addition to a busy family.

Around the major cities like Kyoto and Tokyo, there are full salons and boutiques dedicated to dog care. You can do everything from your basic doggie groom to a full-on fashionista outfit. It is not unusual to see dogs in strollers or backpacks around the cities either.

There are also cafes that allow dogs or have dogs on the premises as entertainment for visitors. Lastly, over the last few years, “retirement homes” for older dogs have popped up. These special facilities are geared toward dogs who are failing in health or that require special care while they live out their last days.

Some of the most popular breeds in Japan are the Shiba Inu, Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, and Miniature Dachshunds.


The Swiss are known for their peaceful ways and this rings true for dog ownership. Not only is it encouraged, but the Swiss have strict laws on preparing for a new furry household member. Anyone interested in getting a dog must take a course on proper dog care and pass a series of exams in order to be allowed to own one. They also have strict laws that prohibit any forceful methods of training. They truly understand how important dogs are to us and want to treat them as kindly as possible.

While in Switzerland, you are able to take your dog to restaurants and even on public transport if they are well-behaved.

Great Britain

England has to be one of the most dog friendly places I have ever visited personally. The whole of the UK loves dogs and treats them truly as a part of the family. People will drop to all fours on the ground just to have a petting session with a dog.

There are pet boutiques all over the UK that specialize in everything from raw diet to home-baked goods for dogs. There is scarcely a weekend you will find that doesn’t have a dog-centered event going on. Everything from pack walks to entire dog-themed fairs.

Ear and tail docking is illegal and all dogs must be micro-chipped as of 2015. These are great laws in the interest of dogs and pet owners alike.

Most restaurants allow well-behaved pooches on their premises and the same goes for public transport.


Similar to the UK, Hungary has many strict laws in the well-being of dogs. As well as the illegal docking and mandatory micro-chipping, they make spaying and neutering accessible to all citizens to help keep pet populations under control.

Surprisingly,  dogs are allowed off leash in many cities and are more than welcome in most restaurants. Dogs are allowed on public transport, but you must buy them a full-priced ticket and they must be leashed and muzzled. The only exception is dogs that can fit inside of a small carrier or handbag.

Every city has at least one dog park; a perfect place to let your dog blow off some steam during the day! Which is great because Hungary has laws in place that give a minimum exercise requirement for dogs.



A lot of people enjoy Canada for many reasons; the people are friendly, the scenery is gorgeous, and they are a very modern country. This applies to their dog laws as well.

You can find a bowl and treats at almost every shop doorstop in town in Canada, not just pet shops! Although, there are plenty of those around as well.

Is your pooch in need of some pampering? Check out one of the many dog spas they have around or check them into a daycare session for the day. This is a great way to get some socialization for your dog especially when visiting or moving to a new area.

Canada does not have restaurant laws yet regarding dogs, but they do allow dogs on public transport during certain hours.


There you have it; a pretty broad spectrum of where to consider moving as a pet owner. Always remember to check travel and vaccination laws before taking your dog anywhere, as some countries are much more strict than others. I think the Eastern European countries sound great. What do you think? Let me know!