Careers to Check Into if You Love Dogs

I kind of consider myself to be one of the luckiest girls in the world. I happen to have a career that I can take my dog to work with me! Not only that, but she gets to play and make new friends as well as get groomed and bathed at any time I need. It is a pretty great gig!

If you have ever dreamed of being in a career with dogs, this article is for you! You would not believe the amount of dog jobs there are in the world. Some of them are definitely on the rise from being kooky to trendy. There is something for every dog lover.

Keep It Basic

If you are not sure that a full-blown dog career is for you, try searching for companies that allow you to simply bring your dog to work. This is totally a win-win situation; you can pursue other passions and your best friend gets to hang out at work with you all day!


There are some surprisingly big-name companies that allow dogs at work. Some of them are Amazon, Etsy, Google, Mars, and Build-a-Bear. While not all companies allow dogs to come with you to work, some give great benefits to pet owners such as discounts on daycare, pet loss bereavement leave, coupons for dog supplies, and many more.

Can’t lose on this one!

Doggies in Style

Love fashion and pooches? Is your dog always in the latest style? You could be a dog clothing and accessory designer. Dog clothing is up and coming as a huge trend; some places consider it already the norm. Places like California, Japan, and Paris have entire boutiques for dogs!

Besides clothing, collars and leashes will never go out of style. You could start a small business selling homemade collars and leashes online. These designs are sure to be unique and not found anywhere else!


Canine Relaxation

Another trend sweeping the dog world is acupuncture and canine massage therapy. This is not surprising from the amazing health benefits it provides, especially for older dogs or dogs recovering from injury.


Many people are choosing acupuncture and massages as a natural healing method instead of several pain pills.

You will need schooling for this job; at least a year. One would have to go through several classes of anatomy and physiology, massage techniques, prepping before a massage and afterward procedures, history of massage and acupuncture, and so much more.

Pet owners that are most likely to use this service are ones that own athletic dogs, geriatric dogs, or dogs that have had accidents and/or recovering from injury.

Canine Nutritionist

Do you love food? I can almost bet that your dog does as well! Why not turn that interest into a passion? There is so much that goes into providing the perfect meal for your best friend.

A canine nutritionist is a specialist that helps provide knowledge on canine dietary needs. This can be everything from regular dry kibble to an elaborate raw diet. Not only can you learn about different types of meals, but you can also learn and advise clients on what supplements are safe for dogs and the benefits they uphold. Just like with humans, you would be able to help create a diet plan for dogs to help them look feel their best.


This type of job would also require schooling. Normally, this would be a specialist area for an individual who has already graduated from their veterinary schooling. However, there are a few places that offer a tech school version that will get you pointed in the right direction.

Dog Care Industry

Last but definitely not least, is a career in the dog care industry. This could be anything from groomer to trainer; kennel technician to dog walker.

All over the world, hundreds of thousand times a day, someone needs someone else to take care of their dogs. That is where these positions offer a great future; each one is a fantastic dog to help keep them happy! It is often quite easy to find a dog walker in your area or for some nice company that offers to pick up dog poop and haul it away. With these time-consuming things out of the way, you will be able to enjoy way more time with your pal.


Some of these positions require schooling and others are based mainly on experience.

There you have it! A quick run down of all of the amazing jobs that are out there for pet lovers. I hope that you will be lucky on your search for the best pet-friendly jobs out there.