4 Common Health Issues with Dogs

Do You Know These Common Health Issues with Dogs?

People love their pets and want the best for them. Just like humans dogs do tend to get sick from time to time. A person needs to know how to properly care for their dog. There are some common health issues that dogs face and some things that their humans can do to nurse them back to health.

Ear Infections

 common health issue with dogs

Ear infections in dogs can be used by bacteria or the growth of yeast. Ear mites, excessive wax, and allergies can also lead to the dog developing this infection. Some common symptoms of an ear infection including scratching of the ear, discharge from the ear, redness or swelling, cuts on the ear, unusual movement of the eyes , and possibly hearing loss. Dogs with non erect ears are prone to developing these infections. A vet will determine if the dog can an infection and how to treat it. There is medication that can be taken. These infections can reoccur and a dog should be checked by the vet to make sure they stay healthy.

Kennel Cough

This cough sounds like a hacking noise and sounds like the dog is choking. The cough may sound bad but it is possible to recover without medication. This cough is often called by a bacteria called Bordetella bronchiseptica m. A dog gets the cough when they inhale this bacteria and is gets into the respiratory system. This can lead to inflammation of the larynx as well as inflammation of the trachea. Dogs often get this cough when they are in crowded and poorly ventilated areas such as kennels and animal shelters. They can also get this when they are exposed to dust, cigarette smoke, or stress from traveling. If the dog has this condition it will often go away on its own. Medications such as antibiotics can speed up the recovery process. The day may need to be kept in well humidified rooms and walked on a harness instead of a leash to reduce coughing. Many dogs will be able to fight off the infection in three to six weeks. A person should seek the treatment of a vet. This cough may lead to pneumonia. There is also a nasal mist that can be given to the dog. There is a vaccination that will help prevent kennel cough but it is not 100 percent effective.


Bull, DogJust like humans a dog can be diabetic. This can be duet o lack of insulin or the dog’s body is not able to respond to insulin. When the dog is not able to produce enough insulin or use this properly the blood sugar levels will become elevated. This can cause a number of health problems. For many dogs this condition can be managed and they can have a happy life. Dogs can get both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. A dog may show signs of being diabetic if they have a sudden change in their appetite, drink an excessive amount of water, lose weight, have breathe with a fruity smell, are often dehydrated, vomit often, become colorblind, and have skin infections. Diabetes in dogs may be genetic. It may also affect obese dogs of dogs with other medical conditions . Older female dogs are at the greatest risk for developing this condition. Certain breeds including dachshunds, terriers, and schnauzers are more likely to become diabetic. If a dog is showing any sign of these conditions they should be taken to the vet to get checked. Diabetes can be treated and managed. A dog may respond to oral medication or be placed on a special diet high in fiber. Insulin injections are often needed. A vet can explain how to properly care for dogs with diabetes.


This is a dangerous condition where the stomach of the dog swells up. It can be life threatening in some cases. If the abdominal area of the dog looks bloated or enlarged the dog should be taken to a vet hospital or an emergency room right away. This condition can kill a dog within hours. Bloat occurs when there is too much gas or food in the stomach and it stretches out. The stomach will rotate and the gas will be trapped inside. Blood will not be able to get to the stomach. Bloat is painful. Some larger breed such as the Great Dane and the St. Bernard are prone to bloat. An older dog is also at great risk. If the dog eats quickly they are also at risk. Emergency care is needed to release the gas and stabilize the heart rate. A dog should be taken to the doctor right away. There are some things a person can do to reduce the risk of bloat. To help prevent the risk of bloat a person should feel their dog two or more times a day to reduce hunger, use canned food in addition to dry food, allow the dog to rest after meals before playing or exercising. To help treat this condition the dog is going to have to go to the bet and get surgery if needed. They may also put the dog on some type of medication.

These are some common health problems that dogs face. It is important to bring the dog to the vet for regular checkups to help prevent these and other treatable conditions.